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Hellerwork Structural Integration is a unique and transformative work based on the inseparability of body, mind, and spirit and the assumption that every person is innately healthy.  It is a powerful system of somatic education and structural integration bodywork designed to realign our bodies and movement in gravity. Working with the body fascia increases the availability of health, energy, flexibility, and self expression. The 11-session series changes your relationship with your body and your experience of being alive. Completing the series is optimal; single sessions are also an option.

Combining Bodywork, Movement, Education and Dialogue... Read more.

Hellerwork can address ...

  • Posture, Flexibility, Ergonomics
  • Breathing, Tension, Stress, Trauma
  • Joint Pain, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia
  • Scoliosis, TMJ, Headaches
  • Repetive Stress Conditions

... and so much more ...

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CHA (Canadian Hellerwork Association) Invites You To Join:    
STEVE RADILOFF, Advanced Rolfer For A Continuing Education Workshop
in Vancouver, B.C. Canada  
May 13th - 15th 2016

Enhance Your Practice With New Bodywork & Movement Techniques  
Open To Massage Therapists and Structural Integration Bodyworkers    
Fee: $350  
Maximum:  20 participants

AGM- May 13th, 2- 4 pm 
for Certified Hellerworkers
CEW- May 13th - 15th 2016
(Fri. 7-9 pm, Sat: 9-5, Sun. 9-4)

Email:  office.cha2016@gmail.com    
Call: 1- 250-732-4458 

Become a Professional Hellerwork Practitioner


June 2017

in Omaha, Nebraska

For more information, please visit: