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Photo of Rosa Amoroso

Rosa Amoroso

Photo of Sylvia Anderson

Sylvia Anderson

Photo of Ruth Backway

Ruth Backway

Photo of Carmelita Beets

Carmelita Beets

Photo of Cornelis Franciscus Bekker

Cornelis Franciscus Bekker

Photo of Denis Berger

Denis Berger

Photo of Sally Bethea Holt

Sally Bethea Holt

Photo of Dan Bienenfeld

Dan Bienenfeld

Photo of Linda Bienenfeld

Linda Bienenfeld

Photo of Anita Boser

Anita Boser

Photo of Leslie Joan Brown

Leslie Joan Brown

Photo of Melissa Brown

Melissa Brown

Photo of Sarah Brown

Sarah Brown

Photo of Regina Buckwalter

Regina Buckwalter

Photo of Mark Bunney

Mark Bunney

Photo of Joy Carey

Joy Carey

Photo of Melanie Chasmar

Melanie Chasmar

Photo of Alison Child

Alison Child

Photo of Daniel Christofferson

Daniel Christofferson

Photo of Susan Clarke

Susan Clarke

Photo of Jean-Luc Cortat

Jean-Luc Cortat

Photo of Cole Cottin

Cole Cottin

Photo of Jacques Couturier

Jacques Couturier

Photo of Carolyn Crawford

Carolyn Crawford

Photo of James Dohn DC

James Dohn DC

Photo of Anne-Marie Duchene

Anne-Marie Duchene

“My intention is to empower and educate people in realizing how responsive their bodies and minds are in the healing process, when they are fully acknowledged. Awareness is the primary tool. Full integration and restoration of health is the result.”

Photo of Mark Ensweiler DC

Mark Ensweiler DC

Photo of Lonny Fox

Lonny Fox

Photo of Maclain Freeman

Maclain Freeman

Photo of Estie Golan

Estie Golan

Photo of Roger Golten

Roger Golten

Photo of Janet Hagerbaumer

Janet Hagerbaumer

Photo of Michael Hahn

Michael Hahn

Photo of Jean Haines

Jean Haines

Photo of Janelle Hardy

Janelle Hardy

Photo of Brad Harvey

Brad Harvey

Photo of Joseph Heller

Joseph Heller

Photo of Kathleen Heller

Kathleen Heller

Photo of Terry Hittson

Terry Hittson

Photo of Mark Hooker

Mark Hooker

Photo of Joseph Hunton

Joseph Hunton

Photo of Philip Hurring

Philip Hurring

Photo of Kim Illig

Kim Illig

Photo of Patricia Iversen

Patricia Iversen

Photo of Johanna Jaffer

Johanna Jaffer

Photo of Rita Kathlyn

Rita Kathlyn

Photo of Sharon Keane

Sharon Keane

Photo of Philip Kessler

Philip Kessler

Photo of Roger Kilcrease

Roger Kilcrease

Photo of Marion Klein

Marion Klein

Jared Kotyk

Photo of Dennis Lacy

Dennis Lacy

Photo of Kathleen Lamb

Kathleen Lamb

Photo of Peter Larsen

Peter Larsen

Photo of Catherine LeFevre

Catherine LeFevre

Photo of Jenny Lou Linley

Jenny Lou Linley

Photo of Ilona Lord

Ilona Lord

Photo of Tom Marshall

Tom Marshall

Photo of Dawn McCormick

Dawn McCormick

Photo of Chris McKnight

Chris McKnight

Photo of Gene Miller

Gene Miller

Photo of Barbara Morgan

Barbara Morgan

Photo of David Murphy

David Murphy

Photo of Marcia Oberg

Marcia Oberg

Photo of Colleen Ostergren

Colleen Ostergren

Photo of Jordan Paige

Jordan Paige

Photo of Beatrice Peak

Beatrice Peak

Photo of Julie Jeffery Peale

Julie Jeffery Peale

Photo of Leslie Pearce

Leslie Pearce

Photo of Doris Penner

Doris Penner

Photo of Dustin Penner

Dustin Penner

Photo of Terry Petersen

Terry Petersen

Photo of Judith Pickles

Judith Pickles

Photo of Tanya Raymond

Tanya Raymond

Photo of Alan Roberts

Alan Roberts

Photo of Anne Rojo

Anne Rojo

Photo of Howard Rontal

Howard Rontal

Photo of Amanda Rouse

Amanda Rouse

Amanda draws on her training in modern dance and ballet; her intuition, curiosity, and creativity to explore mobility; and her connection to language and imagery as a writer. Expertise: Creative tools to create length and balance, manage stress, transform patterns of pain and discomfort.

Photo of Denny Rudy

Denny Rudy

Photo of Jason Rumohr

Jason Rumohr

Photo of Robert Scherzinger

Robert Scherzinger

Photo of Jake Schultz

Jake Schultz

Photo of Stephanie Schultz

Stephanie Schultz

Photo of Sandra Scowen

Sandra Scowen

Photo of Ross Short

Ross Short

Photo of Eric Silvers

Eric Silvers

Photo of Ruth Smits

Ruth Smits

Photo of Don St John

Don St John

Photo of Christine Troples

Christine Troples

Photo of Terry Van Gelder

Terry Van Gelder

Photo of Riesa Venchuk

Riesa Venchuk

Photo of Jude Waller

Jude Waller

Photo of Elizabeth Ward

Elizabeth Ward

Photo of Roger Weinerth

Roger Weinerth

Photo of Amelia Windecker

Amelia Windecker

Photo of Keri Yamamoto

Keri Yamamoto